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Good evening, future blog readers. I have a grand total of zero readers at present, so if you are reading this, you are from the future.

I created this blog back in April 2013 as part of my “author platform building” exercise, as well as a new Twitter account and Facebook page that coincide with my pen name. I had no idea what I was doing at the time – I still might not – and posted a random blog post relating to a character in my novel, Battle Hymns. In typical internet fashion, I immediately got a spam comment that said, “God, you are so pathetic.” What a way to greet someone, right? But this is not middle school, and my feelings were not hurt in the least (although I did delete the post because it was pointless). I then neglected the blog for nine months because all of my time is spent working, writing, reading, watching television, or spending time with my husband.

Speaking of my husband, at the moment, he is watching me type this on my MacBook Pro. “What are you doing?” he asks as he unfolds a Brooks Brothers shirt from a cardboard box that arrived via UPS this evening.

I pause my typing and take a sip from my glass of wine. “I’m working on a blog,” I say, avoiding eye contact. My husband knows that I write novels, but he doesn’t ask questions, and I don’t share much. For instance, I haven’t told him yet that I’m using a pen name. I fear he’ll think I’m hiding my true identity. I guess I am doing that, although it’s for a good reason. More on that later.

His eyebrow arches. “Why?”

I wave my hand. “To build an author platform and all that. I need to start blogging so that I write better. Besides fiction and work-related PowerPoints, I am terrible at writing. I write how I think, which is not at all coherent. I’m going to use it to write reviews of books I’ve read. I’ll write reviews of places I’ve traveled. You know, TripAdvisor-type stuff.”

My husband shrugs and unbuttons the Brooks Brothers shirt (bought on clearance, we’re not crazy rich) to try it on. The conversation moves onto what I will be cooking for dinner. And that is that.

If you’ve read through this blog post, you’ll probably also think, “Yeah, this isn’t written very well.” And that is what I’m trying to accomplish here, especially since I doubt anyone will view this.

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