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Google Research

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I’ve been writing since 2008, and for the past 6 years, I have searched a massive amount of words and phrases through Google. Sometimes I want to verify that a word means what I think it means. Sometimes I’m looking for details of an object so I can better describe it. Sometimes I want to see how other people have used a certain phrase in their blogs. I’ve always been cognizant of how weird these searches would be if anyone checked, and I’ve never checked . . . until now.

Here are some of my recent search terms that relate to my writing. You can get a strangely good idea of my themes through this exercise.

Forefinger, valise, curmudgeon, hospital rig crane, Jewish surnames, Polish surnames, by George, by Golly, 1940s slang, nurses in film, walk synonyms, WAAC, cost of new dress in 1942, complement, consignment shop, to get your kicks, Washington DC, must, musky, musk, old clothes smell, post traumatic stress disorder, door knob, train cars, tootle-oo, she dreaded it with, victory gardens, WWII rationing timeline in 1942, whose for objects, washingtonians, air raid drill, air raid wardens, air raids WWII, blackouts WWII, head of a pen, technically origin, tickling, champagne coupe, brass band, swing music, reverberation from music, schmooze, 1920s slang, hooch, stockings 1920s, FBI, speakeasy raids, soap 1920s, palmolive, lighter, elevator, Loyola, public enemy, Bessie Marshall, films based in 1920s, baby names 1890s, federal building Chicago, justice department Chicago 1925 address office, influenza, dinner suit, Dutch surnames, French baby names

And this could go on forever.

Going through my search history, I’m pretty sure Google could paint a very accurate picture of my life, which is a pretty scary thought. They would know about my health, my dog’s health, my favorite recipes to which I always come back, where I’ve traveled, when I got the flu shot, where I got the flu shot, and the fact that I was doing research on said flu shot.

But you know what? I’d rather have Google know my life than Bing. Bing is terrible.

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