Cara Langston

Blurb: The Glassmaker’s Wife

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Today, over my lunch break at work, I finished the initial blurb for The Glassmaker’s Wife!

I generally hate writing these kind of summaries . . . For the Battle Hymns one, I put it off until the very end. I’d finished writing the entire story and was in my 3rd edit. I found it incredibly difficult to narrow down the plot. How much character detail should I include? How long should it be? If I include this character, does it ruin the plot twist?

This time around, I wrote the blurb before I wrote most of my manuscript. I’m only 10-15% into the first draft, but I had enough of it outlined that I could create a summary. And guess what? It was easier this way! I’ll probably tweak it as I write more of the first draft, especially if the narrative changes directions as it is wont to do. But I’m rather pleased with how it turned out.

In 1917, Eva Simon, the youngest daughter of immigrant dairy farmers, marries Arthur Berger, a man she’s known for a mere week, in order to escape her grim childhood in rural Wisconsin. Despite a twelve year age difference, Arthur whisks Eva to Chicago with promises of love, family, and happiness. Eight years later, in the midst of the Roaring Twenties, Eva is resigned to a loveless and childless existence. Her once adoring husband has become cold and unsociable, and Eva spends her time minding the Berger glass shop and doing philanthropy work. She has accepted her fate in their marriage

Eva’s life forever changes when a lawyer for the Chicago Outfit, Henry Carravaro, presents a lucrative business opportunity to Arthur: In exchange for his cooperation, the Outfit will use Berger bottles for their legitimate soft drink and illegal brewing operations. Though Henry stands for everything Eva is against—organized crime and alcohol consumption—their paths continue to cross until Eva is unable to resist Henry’s charm. They begin a heated love affair, and for the first time in years, Eva finds happiness.

But the powers that be in crime-ridden Chicago threaten their union, especially as Eva inadvertently risks revealing Henry’s most dangerous secret.

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