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Cover Reveal: Battle Hymns

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What a week! My husband and I moved into our first house together on Monday, and after all the legally-binding signatures, paper cuts from cardboard boxes, and sore limbs, I am finally taking a break to reveal the cover for my upcoming historical novel, BATTLE HYMNS, debuting June 3rd.


Battle Hymns: A Novel

In December 1941, Charlotte Donahue is engaged to Nick Adler, a handsome, pre-law student at Georgetown University. Despite her studies at a liberal arts college, she expects nothing more than to marry her fiancé and settle into a conventional life as a young American homemaker. But her future is unexpectedly disrupted after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. While Nick trains for the battlefront with the U.S. Army, Charlotte does her part by volunteering as a nurses’ aide with the American Red Cross.

Assigned to a convalescent ward at Walter Reed’s Army Medical Center, Charlotte discovers her passion lies, not in the home, but in tending to the wounds of injured soldiers, all of whom remind her of Nick. Here she is drawn to a mysterious soldier, Lieutenant William Kendrick, whose jet was shot down in the skies over Germany. As Will’s physical and psychological wounds begin to heal, he and Charlotte will develop a friendship that will bind them together in ways they never imagined.

Battle Hymns is a poignant story of love, survival, and redemption set against the backdrop of the Second World War.

Find Battle Hymns on Goodreads.
Credit for this beautiful cover goes to Jennifer Quinlan of Historical Editorial.
Follow me on Twitter for updates and watch for the blog tour in June!

And now I’m back to unpacking and hanging curtains…

One thought on “Cover Reveal: Battle Hymns

  1. Jenny has really outdone herself with this cover! It’s fabulous! I am very excited for the upcoming tour, Cara!

    HF Virtual Book Tours

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